Amazing Day in the Studio

IMG_6259Today, like other days I had a graduating Senior in the studio for Senior Portriats.  What made today different, is the Senior who’s portraits we were shooting, has been friends with my son (also a graduating Senior) since their days in little league football at age 10.  They played on opposing teams in High School, but never let the wins or the losses deter them from their friendship.

Derrick is an exceptional  young man, always positive, and polite.  Everytime I see him, he greets me with a huge smile, and an equally big hug.  When he comes into your presence, he lets you know that he is genuinely happy to see you.  I was grateful that his parents entrusted his Senior portraits to me.  We had loads of fun during the photoshoot.  Lots of laughing, lots of dancing, and smiles.  We talked about plans for college, and Derrick and my son discussed football and their last High School season at length.  I am a blessed woman to be able to do what I do and to be able to have fun with the people that I love in the process!  To say the least- Today was a GOOD day!