God’s Hand at Work- The Journey

I am in love with the craft of photography, but even more than loving photography I absolutely love the opportunity to capture joy and true happiness.

My friends Keisha and Steve have been praying for God to bless them with a baby, and wanting a child for a very long time. They believed God for the blessing, even through the tragedy of pregnancies that did not go to term. Keisha confided in me, that just when she was about to give upĀ and agree to the doctors suggestion for fertility treatments, she found out that she was carrying a brand new bundle.TheJourney

I was excited to be able to help them announce their pregnancy with photoshoot and video presentation. I was pumped to be able to display Keisha’s gorgeous huge belly during her maternity portrait session draped in royal purple. I was absolutely ECSTATIC to be able to show the world the amazing fruit of God’s promise in little Mr. Markus in his newborn photoshoot.
What a blessing it is to be able to use this gift that God has given me in such an amazing way!!!